In just 2 years, BuzzFeed’s Food brand Tasty grew to become the largest food network in the world. Garnering over 2 billion cross-platform content views per month, Tasty became a massive global food brand that inspired a new generation to cook. The challenge was that competitor brands started to copy Tasty’s video formats and to maintain growth Tasty would have to innovate beyond content alone.

Through rapid expansion and development we launched “From Internet to Table.” A strategic shift to use Tasty’s popularity to push its existence into the real world through IRL product launches including the #1 Top Selling Cookbook, Tasty App, the One Top cooking appliance. The following year Tasty formed a retail partnership with Walmart and launched over 100 kitchen tools in 4,000 stored nationwide.


  • Oversaw marketing for the first Tasty Cookbook release resulting in 16K+ copies sold in the first week

  • Oversaw marketing for the Tasty App launch resulting in 1M+ downloads in the first month

  • Created and packaged Tasty’s go-to-market materials and refined Tasty’s co-brand product offerings

  • Worked with clients in the pre-sale process to develop Tasty co-branded creative campaigns